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When life gives you lemons, you trim the extra fat...

Life is tough... And no matter how insignificant you think you are, there's always someone trying to bring you down, for some weird reason. For someone who always think positively about other people or situation, it is such a hard concept for me to understand. I guess that just means I have some more growing up to do.
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Feels like a century had passed..


Another one bite the dust... With the end of EKA, it is truly over... It was one of the last 'giants' of the old days... Back in the heyday, we have BNS, TFS, Newsfan, OhMiya_sg, Enshinge, JE Mix etc to name a few... Before the arrival of these 'modern' SNS such as Facebook, twitter and instagram, I remember stalking these LJ Comm in search of subbed videos of my favourite Johnny's act.. and even some Jrock acts.. I was witness to the ends of many great fansubbers and over the time, it made me feel sad.. In the beginning, I admit, what I felt was selfish, i felt betrayed by them.. How can they abandoned us? Non-Japanese speaking fans who rely SOLELY on their subs to enjoy our beloved artists? But as I grew older, when i hear of one of the fansubber group closing, what I felt is nostalgic and 'old'..

Back then, when my grandma remark when something is making her feel old, I just couldn't understand what she meant... I thought, ah, it's probably an age-related thing, or her back and legs are starting to give her trouble.. but I was totally off the mark.. feeling old has nothing to do with displaying 'old age signs' physically... i still have my hair, most of my hair is still black and i can still walk straight, but i get this 'old' feeling now and then...

If you compare the world age, and the Internet age, there's a vast difference in numbers... but despite being younger, the internet age had been progressing rapidly in a short amount of time.. So it is safe to say, that I've sort of being a witness of how this progress happens.. bare in mind tho, i might not get the terms right, or been there when they invent the first computer or network, but this is an eyewitness account of a normal human living in Malaysia during the "internet age"...

My first computer was "Amstrad".. Before the nerds ask me what model it was, no, i don't know what model it was.. I only remember the word "Amstrad" on the monitor.. And it was black.. I was around 5 or 6, and there were two of them at my house.. Most of the youngster will say I'm crazy, there's no such thing as a computer named Amstrad, but back then, it was quite popular.. even my neighbours' computers were Amstrad.. there were no MAC, or Dell or Acer or HP desktop computers.. It can't do much, and the operating system was running on, horror of all horror, MS-DOS! Yes, there was no Windows *insert shocked gasp here*... If you give a PC with similar OS to a computer savvy teenager nowadays, it would reduce them to tears... When i said it can't do much, i meant it can't do much.. I remember there was a word processor, no, it's not "WORD" it was an even more basic version of (if i'm not mistaken) "Lotus"? And remember, these PCs don't even have a mouse.. so yeah, keyboard was your only way to send command to the PC.. and oh, we can play games.. but you have to insert a floppy disc/diskett to play games... and the graphic is SO basic it would hurt the eyes of the modern gamers.. but hey, back then, it was the shitz, man! And also, if you were bored like me (i didn't go to a kingdergarten), i end up typing thousands of programming lines from the programming book to make some amazing and nice graphic display that can move and stuff... and when i said thousands of programming lines, i meant THOUSANDS of programming lines.. the shortest were already more than 1K lines... the most around 30K lines... it was crazy.. but in order to see the moving graphics being displayed on the monitor screen, i spent hours in front of the PC typing the programming codes...

Ok, moving on now... we jump on to the internet age... i was around 13 when i got my first email address.. it was in 1993.. since not many ppl have an email address back then, my username don't even need a number.. LOL these days it's so hard to get the username you wanted without the numbers..

So what i'm saying is, it's only a lifetime for me, but the computer and internet world had changed so much.. but humans are progressing too slowly.. we still get a lot of racist ppl.. gender inequality.. you name it.. it makes me sad to think that despite all of our technological achievements, we're still getting nowhere..
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Show your love to Nightingale Dynasty : 2014 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival

As some of you know, Nightingale Dynasty is participating in a dance competition. It is called 2014 K=POP Cover Dance Festival. For China region, the competition for the 1st round is on this Saturday, 15th of June 2014 in Beijing. If you will be in Beijing during that time, you can attend the event. Many of us foreign fans can't attend the event, we can help in another way, by voting for them on the website.

If you're a fan of Nightingale Dynasty, and you want to help them win, please vote. If you don't have an account, you have to register first...

TO REGISTER (skip this step if you already registered)
First, go here :

Once there, fill in the form accordingly, and don't forget to click the "check email duplication" button first before you click the "Join" button. Then it will say you will have to confirm your email or something, so log in to your email account. The title for the email will be "Confirm your Cover Dance Festival account".

Open the email and click the confirmation link in the email. And then click the "OK" button in the popup and log in to the website.

Now comes the tricky part. Took me a while to get around it, but i think i found a shortcut. Hehehehehe...

1. On the top right (same row as the "Join" button), click the "ROUND1" button.
2. In the drop down menu, change a few things to make it easier for you to find Nightingale's videos. Don't change anything in the first drop down menu, leave the year as "2014". In the second drop down, pick "Asia", then in the next one pick "China, People's Republic" and hit the "Search" button. Picture below (click image for bigger size) :


3. Now as you can see, there are several videos but none of them are Nightingale's videos yet in the first page. There is one rehearsal video of them doing B.A.P's Badman but that one wasn't uploaded by them in page 3, so don't for vote for it.
4. Skip to page number 4. Their videos start at Troublemaker (3rd video from the top) . I'll make a screencap of all of their videos so you all won't miss anything. Here are the list of their videos (click image for bigger size) :

5. As you can see, the 1st 3 videos are in the 4th page, while the other 3 are in the 5th page.
6. The easiest way is to right-click the video title, and pick the option "Open link in new tab" so you can open each videos in their own tab. This way you can keep track which videos you've opened and voted easily.
7. After opening in a new tab, you will come to a page that contain the respective video like this (click image for bigger size):

8. See that blue arm button with the words "I like it"? Yeah, click that to vote.
9. And you're done! One account can vote once, though. So if you have multiple email addresses, please register all of them and vote.

1. Why go through the trouble to register multiple email accounts you ask? This is the reason (click image for bigger size) :


In short, every vote counts! So, please vote! Thank you!